Farouk Shami is a man that has lived a long and fruitful life. In the process he has made quite a name for himself. His company, Farouk Systems, is one such success story. However, not so many people know of Farouk Shami’s beginnings.


Farouk Shami’s Background

Farouk Shami was born on December 15, 1942 in Ramallah, West Bank and is a Palestinian American. Mohammed Shami, his father had lived for quite sometime in New York and played a seminal role in instilling the American Dream in his son. Farouk arrived in the United States in 1965 with only $71 in his pocket (this has obviously increased exponentially). In the same year, he went to Maryland to receive training as an English teacher.  One thing that stood out for the young Palestinian was the fact that there were not as many cowboys as he had been led to believe by the many Western movies he’d watched.

For young Farouk, the culture shock was quite evident. He was quite amazed by the huge number of vehicles he saw in Maryland. This Palestinian immigrant wrongly assumed that every shopping center must have been a car factory for there to have been so many cars in Maryland. Eventually, he matriculated at the University of Arkansas.  However, after a while he dropped out citing his passion for hair styling as the main reason for this brave step. Unsurprisingly, none of his family members endorsed this and Farouk had a hard time convincing them otherwise.

At the time, all hair dyes were ammonia-based and so you can imagine Farouk’s disappointment when doctors told him that he was allergic to the chemical. This was a huge blow to his career. This tragic news almost brought his career to a halt. His dark cloud though had a silver lining. It was this challenge that led Farouk Shami to set out at inventing the world’s first ammonia-free hair dye. magento This effectively launched Farouk’s business career.

In 1986, Farouk started his spa and hair care products company, Farouk Systems. Over the years Farouk Systems has introduced a wide variety of spa and hair products that have continued to resonate well with the market, making him a very rich man. In 2010, after witnessing an already weak economy getting worse,  Shami decided to run for public office. He believed that his broad business experience would help improve the economy. Unfortunately though, he never achieved that dream.


Efforts and Achievements of Farouk Shami

Farouk Shami is a man of many hats. Though most people know him for the very successful hair care products company that he started a while back, there’s certainly more to this man than meets the eye.


Mr. Shami the Philanthropist

Farouk Shami is a generous man who over the years has come to be known for his magnanimity as much as he is well known for his economic success.  He is known by many for coming to the aid of those who have faced calamities and other unexpected incidences. For instance, when Hurricane Katrina hit, Farouk donated 2 million dollars to the victims of the floods. After the September 11 attacks, Farouk came quickly to the aid of the New Jersey and New York salon industry.

Farouk Shami is also a man who has strong ties to his native Palestine. He believes that charity starts at home and believes that one of the most effective ways to empower people is by giving them health care, education and economic justice.  Tioman resort Towards this end, Farouk has been working to establish a factory in Palestine that aims to employ not less than 500 people who are at an economic disadvantage. In addition, 10% of the sales will be directed to his birth place, a small suburb in Ramallah, while another 10% will be given to the Palestinian authorities. These donations are aimed at funding different social areas such as healthcare, schools, social needs and city streets.

This is not the only endeavor that he has been involved with in the Middle East. Farouk Shami has also donated 3 million dollars worth of beauty products in Lebanon. His charity work some might say knows no bounds. This was the case, when he donated one million dollars to the establishment of a diabetes research center in California, dedicated to the memory of Sheik Mohammed Shami, his father.




Farouk Shami the Businessman

Farouk’s contributions to the Texas economy have been great indeed. Over the years, his company Farouk Systems has hired over 2000 individuals a number that continues to grow with the expansion of his business.


Farouk Shami the Politician

In 2010, Farouk ran for Governor and even though he didn’t win, his contributions to the Texas politics cannot go ignored. When he threw in his hat in the ring, he did in fact pile pressure on the incumbent to work on improving the Texas economy. He is also a member of the American Task Force on Palestine, a non-partisan group that advocates for Palestine and Israel living together in peace.


The Success of Farouk Shami

For Farouk Shami, it has been a long journey getting to the success that he is today.  Long before he established his billion dollar company, the American Palestinian was an ordinary fellow just like any of us. The Farouk Systems founder grew up helping his mother create dyes from local vegetables and plants. This is where his passion for hair care products probably began. It is estimated that his company Farouk Systems, makes $1 billion in annual revenue not to mention the approximately 2,000 Americans he employs. One thing that’s for certain is that Farouk’s success didn’t come over night. e commerce malaysia A lot had to go into building a strong reputation for Farouk Systems.

Many years later on, it has all paid off. Many notable celebrities such as Renee Zellweger, Madonna, Courtney Cox, Demi Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow all use Farouk’s renowned hair products; shining the multi-billion company’s light even brighter. Farouk Shami knew that to make it in a new country, he had to first learn how to survive, and then know how to succeed. QFN socket Today, Shami holds many patents for environmentally-friendly and safe hair care products. His CHI and BioSilk lines are notable industry leaders.  After learning cosmetology in the United States, Shami returned back to Palestine where he opened a hair salon. The 1967 war however, changed all of this. Due to the Israeli military occupation at the time, he could not be able to access any of the supplies he needed and had to close it down.

For this self-made billionaire, this did not act as a deterrent if anything it led him to learn cosmetic chemistry. Armed with the knowledge to create hair products, he started using locally available materials to make the products he needed. In 1972 Farouk Shami immigrated to the United States where he continued with lifelong passion of cosmetology.   His career received a huge blow when doctors told him that it was no longer safe for him to work with ammonia products. This was tragic since all dyes back then were ammonia-based and he had developed an allergy to the chemical. However, instead of giving up on his dream, he used this drawback as a platform to propel his ambitions.

In 1985 using his garage as a laboratory, he invented the first ammonia-free hair dye. He called this product Glitz. Since then Farouk Shami’s success has been on the first lane. He has collaborated with NASA scientists to create CHI; a line of electric products that does not emit as much electromagnetic fields as other blow dryers.


Farouk Shami’s Political Career

Farouk Shami cited the bad economy as the main reason for running for Texas Governor. He believed that he had the right business experience to revive the Texas economy. Given his very successful endeavors there’s no reason, why he never should have run for the office. From very early on, he learned how to turn adversity into opportunity.

After learning cosmetology in the United States, Farouk went back to his native country of Palestine where he opened a hair salon which was very successful before the 1967 war broke out.  This war saw Palestine under Israeli occupation. The Israeli army imposed curfews on Palestinian civilians including Farouk. Consequently, this made it really hard for him to get hair product supplies.

However, instead of giving up, Farouk decided to teach himself how to use locally available plants to make the needed supplies. It is this very same tenacity that saw Farouk Shami, work hard to develop a hair dye that was not based in Ammonia. After investing so much time and effort pursuing his passion, doctors broke the news to him that due to an allergy he had developed to ammonia, it was no longer safe for him to work with Ammonia. Perhentian It was his invention that catapulted him into the successful businessman that he is and was when he decided to run for public office.

His announcement to run for Texas Governor came a couple of days after he opened up a factory in Northern Texas for his CHI line where he hired 1500 new people to start operations in his company. This was no doubt a flamboyant way of saying that he could create new jobs in an economy that was doing very badly. internet There were a number of reasons why Farouk Shami never became the Texas Governor. web designing However, some of the scathing statements that Farouk made while on the campaign trail might have been the main reasons that caused him the Governor’s seat.

For instance, on more than one occasion the candidate implied that White people were lazy compared to Blacks and Hispanics saying that Caucasian people were less willing to work on factory floors and would rather have a job that paid more and where they got to boss others around. Also, when asked whether the American government sponsored the 9/11 attacks, Farouk said that he was not sure. A comment that saw him trails the winning candidate in the Governor’s election by 60%.